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We are experienced Italian Wine Selectors & Wine Merchants

About Us

The Wine Selector is made up of Italian wine experts, including oenologists and sommelier with proven experience and key contacts throughout Italy.

Our company is designed to meet all types of supply requests from importers all over the world.

Our wine selectors select, check and export wines from all over Italy, working with some of the best Italian oenologists to offer our clients a guarantee of fine products.

We take care of the logistics and export processes through qualified collaborators who expedite customs and delivery procedures. The products are stored in modern, temperature controlled warehouses to keep their characteristics unaltered.

Our Mission is to be the leading Italian point of reference for every importer looking for top quality wines by providing regular controls & guarantees on the products.

Marco Sabbadin

Marco Sabbadin

General Director and Export Manager

Export Manager of The Wine Selector, welcomes customer demands and make sure that are met in full. He oversees the wine selection process, is part in the selection team as Professional Sommelier and coordinates activities.

Luigi Sabbadin

Luigi Sabbadin

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing manager scrupulous in choosing partners and suppliers of the company with the sole objective of maintaining a high level of service offered to its customers. He also is part of the wine selection team.

Silvia Sabbadin

Silvia Sabbadin

Sales Manager Italy

She takes care of the relationships with third parties and is business manager for Italy of the wines selected by The Wine Selector for the Italian Market.
She is also part of the wine selection team.

The selection team

Italian Oenologists and Wine Experts

The quality control team is made up of The Wine Selector’s oenologists and professional sommeliers from Italy’s leading sommelier associations.

The Selection Team meets whenever we need to select a wine, carrying out all the controls and checks necessary to assess the wine’s organoleptic and chemical-physical characteristics, its ability to meet the client’s requests and its compatibility with the market concerned.