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Italian Wine Selection & other Services

Our Italian wine selection process means we source excellent products that comply with strict quality criteria and meet the specific needs of the clients and market concerned.

This allows our clients to reduce costs and drastically reduce times for research and quality control, giving them access to first-class oenological assistance as well as the guarantee of a wine of undeniable quality.

Our expertise goes beyond the Italian Wine Selection. Our goal is to grant you the perfect buying & import solution.

Italian Wine Selection

The Wine Selector selects Fine Wines from the best Italian production areas respecting strict quality parameters.

Italian Wine Consulting

The Wine Selector offers consulting services to its customers on the choice of the wine, on the sector trends, on the vintages evaluation and much more.

Italian Wine Export

The Wine Selector exports its products directly, seeing to all the paperwork involved in customs and delivery procedures simplifying and expediting the export process.

Italian Wine Selection Services

We are experienced Italian Wine Selectors and Merchants.
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