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Manglè is a prestigious Italian Sparkling Wine, produced with the Martinotti-Charmat Method; it’s name is inspired by the grapes involved in the production, Manzoni & Glera (the grape used to produce the Prosecco) two of the most important and appreciated Venetian white grapes.

The Glera gives the freshness and elegance characteristics typical of Prosecco while the Manzoni adds the softness and the floreal flawors to the wine.

Every year the bases are selected and combined according to particular quality criteria in order to obtain a high quality cuvée with a unique and recognizable taste.

This excellent sparkling wine, produced only in the Brut version, is one of the best representations  of the Italian Martinotti Methods, with characteristics of elegance and finesse that make it unique in the Italian sparkling wines panorama.



Sparkling Wine Brut


Glera (Prosecco), Manzoni Bianco


Produced with selected grapes of Manzoni Bianco and Glera, two of the most imporant and ancient Venetian white grapes.

Refermentation in autoclaves according to the Long Martinotti-Charmat Method.

The bases are selected according to strict quality standards of finesse and intensity of the varietal flavors.


Aspect: Bright straw yellow, nice foam with optimal persistance; brilliant, very fine and persistent perlage.

Bouquet: Clean, fresh, fragrant and intense with delicate and harmonious aromatic hints of apple and pear accompanied by pleasant nuance of white flowers. The inimitable aroma is due to a percentage of selected «Manzoni Bianco» grapes, which gives the wine uniqueness and great elegance.

Taste: You can feel the high quality of the foam, the body is soft and gentle, smooth, with pleasant acidulous hints, excellent sapidity, harmonic.




Manglè Regal Cuvée Brut 2016

Gilbert & Gaillard 2017:  GOLD MEDAL

Manglè Regal Cuvée Brut 2016

AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2017:  SILVER MEDAL

Manglè Regal Cuvée Brut 2015

50 Great Sparkling Wines of The World 2017:   SILVER MEDAL 92/100