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Why choose The Wine Selectors

    The wine market is a complex, continually evolving world; every year this sector sees the birth of new producers, new wines and new laws governing production and sales.

    Thanks to its expertise in the sector and up-to-date knowledge of the latest market developments and legislation, The Wine Selector is able to provide a complete range of services enhancing clients’ purchase experience. This is why The Wine Selector represents the intelligent choice for today’s wine importers.


    The Wine Selector selection is carried out in compliance with strict quality criteria and parameters supplied by our clients. Obviously, the more details our client can give The Wine Selector team, the more suitable the selection will be.

    However, thanks to their extensive experience, The Wine Selector experts are always ready to offer appropriate advice when necessary.


    At The Wine Selector, we are equally careful in selecting our partners and suppliers as choosing our wines, demanding an impeccable quality of service from them that will reflect on us and benefit our clients.

    Indeed, a specialist supplier becomes valuable when it manages to provide a solution to its clients’ problems, respecting their parameters and even exceeding expectations by providing advice and indications which result from direct experience.


    The Wine Selector clients enjoy protection regarding the quality of products, which are carefully controlled and analysed in a laboratory by our oenologists before being sold.

    Every wine analysed by The Wine Selector is subsequently subjected to an in-house assessment and awarded a score on a specifically drawn-up technical sheet.

Our expertise goes beyond the Wine Selection.

Our goal is to grant you the perfect buying & import solution.